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LA Zion Hill BC - Senior Pastor position

LA Zion Hill BC - Senior Pastor position

American Baptist Historical Society Head of Archives and Special Collections / Archivist


American Baptist Historical Society Head of Archives and Special Collections / Archivist

Senior Pastor-Gardena Valley Baptist Church

Senior Pastor-Gardena Valley Baptist Church

Interim Pastor Position-Lake View Terrace American Baptist Church Sylmar, California

Interim Pastor Position-Lake View Terrace American Baptist Church Sylmar, California

Associate Pastor Spiritual Formation - Redlands FBC

Associate Pastor Spiritual Formation - Redlands FBC

Associate Pastor Creative Arts and Community Life - Redlands FBC

Associate Pastor Creative Arts and Community Life - Redlands FBC

Phoenix, First Institutional Baptist Church – Several open staff positions.

FIBC has several open staff positions. Click on the position name to view the job description.

They are:

·Creative Director of Virtual and Multi-Media

·Executive Director of Operations


Interested individuals should email

Phoenix, First Institutional Baptist Church – Several open staff positions.

Senior Pastor - Panorama Baptist Church, Arleta, CA


The minister/pastor is called of God and set apart as God’s servant in ministry as founded in the ministry that Jesus provided. The minister expected to provide spiritual leadership and guidance to the Members, Staff and Community. The minister is accountable to God first and the church corporately that calls him or her with special accountability to the Board of Deacons.

1. The minister shall be accountable for:

Worship services

  1. Preaching at all regular and stated occasions

  2. Worship Leadership

  3. Administration of Ordinances

  4. Officiate at Weddings and Funerals of church members

  5. Planning and conducting worship services; along with the Worship Deacon and Music


  6. Will preach Biblically sound doctrine from the Gospel (word of God)

Teaching Role

  1. Teaching (Bible Study, Membership classes, etc)

  2. Training leaders

  3. Evangelistic, Ethical or Discipleship concerns and issues

  4. Premarital counseling of church members

  5. Communicating God’s word through Sermons, Bible studies, Prayer and Teaching,

  6. Leading and participating in creating/maintaining effective programs to fulfill the Great

    Commission with vision, purpose, and priority

  7. Leads and demonstrates effective ways to witness to others

Pastoral Care

1. The Pastor shall lead the Church (Members, Staff and Community) in its Spiritual activities by doing the following:

  1. Ministering to spiritual needs of the Members, Staff and Community

  2. Counseling of church members

  3. Actively visits and ministers to members and prospective members in homes,

    nursing care facilities, and hospitals etc.

  4. Visitation (Evangelism, Homes, Hospital, Nursing Homes)

  5. Minister to Bereaved church members

  6. Shall tenderly watch over the spiritual interest of the membership

  7. Will be expected to be available 24/71as the Church representative for emergency i.e. death in family, family crisis, hospital emergency, etc


  1. Ordained by ABC or have ordination accepted by ABC

  2. Prefer 5+ years in pastoral role with primary responsibilities that includes regular


  3. Post graduate degree in Ministry is required i.e. (m.div or better)

  1. Experienced planner and goal setter

  2. Experienced manager

  3. Will adheres to the Panorama Baptist Church Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

  4. Will sign and follow the moral code of ethics

  5. The pastor will be held to higher standard than congregation regarding moral conduct.

Organizational Relationship The Minister

  1. Shall collaborate with the board of deacons, boards and committees in vision discernment and in long range and short-term planning and execution of their tasks by consulting, advising, coordinating and evaluating.

  2. May recommended personnel who might be employed by the church.

a. All Personnel must be approved by the Board of Deacons

3. Is an ex officio member of the board of Deacons and all departments and committees. a. This requires active participation by the Pastor

  1. May provide input, recommendation, or requests on matters regarding the financial planning and administration of PBC, but the final decision is to be approved by the Board of Deacons and if necessary, the PBC congregation.

  2. May not commit PBC to any financial obligations ever.

a. All financial decisions are made by the Board of Deacons and if necessary

approved by the congregation. Any financial decisions require a quorum and

majority vote of board and congregation.

  1. Provide advance notice in writing of days when the pastor is not going to be in the office

    during regular scheduled hours to the Chairperson of the Board and church secretary.

  2. Vacation must be approved a month in advance.

  3. Substitution of Pastor’s obligations (i.e. Sunday service, Bible study, etc) by another

    person, must be approved by the board first.

  4. Will have set regular documented/posted office hours that has been approved by the

    board of deacons. The expectation is that the Pastor will be in the church office/property

    no less than 25 hours/week. This does not include Sunday Service.

  5. Actively communicating with the congregation through articles, announcements, etc

  6. May make recommendation to the board for various duties and tasks for staff personnel.

  7. Will works with Deacons and other key leadership to carry out the Mission and Purpose

    of the church

  8. Will work with Business Manager and Deacon Board in coordinating tasks of paid church

    staff and evaluating the tasks assigned

Training and Development

The minister is responsible to devote time to study and to increase their knowledge of the scriptures. The Pastor will be supported by the Congregation to attend training (Biblical seminars, training classes, or lectureships) as approved by the Board of Deacons. This does not include gospel meetings and lectureships that the pastor may conduct. Any

educational materials needed to support this development will be evaluated and provided by PBC, and therefore the materials will become the property of the PBC.
This does not mean that the entire work week is to be spent in study/research thus excluding ministering responsibilities to the members, staff and community.

Denominational and Inter-Denominational Activities

  1. Pledge to ABC Ministers Council Code of Ethics, and actively pursue those ideals.

  2. Participate in, and cooperate with clusters or associations, regional and national

    programs, events and activities.

  3. Cooperate with other local churches in appropriate ecumenical efforts and witness. Be

    involved in other local community agencies and programs as appropriate and in keeping with the congregation’s vision and mission.

a. The San Fernando Valley is our community. The expectation is that the focus will be in that community.

  1. Support denominational mission work and institutions as they are an extension and expression of the church’s vision and mission.

  2. Will cooperates with ABCOFLASH, ABC National, and Community Associated church leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern.

Evaluation - The minister’s performance will be evaluated annually by written review done by the board of Deacons.
Location – Panorama Baptist church is located in Arleta, California in the San Fernando Valley.

How to Apply

Please submit an Application Packet that MUST include the following documents:
1. Resume - Include job history to date, education, military history, position held in groups or organizations, leadership roles in past congregations, accomplishments, and any other relevant information important to the evaluation process. A minimum of 5 references with email address and phone number should also be included.
2. Personal Autobiography - Use as an opportunity to tell us anything you think will help us get to know you.
3. Spiritual Biography - This MUST include, but not limited to:

  1. How you came to Christ

  2. Why you became a minister

  3. A description of your current relationship with God and his Son

  4. Sentiments about spiritual struggles or spiritual triumphs

  5. Other comments will help us understand your perception of your spiritual health

4. Education and Ordination Certificates/Diplomas. Please provide us the documents that support the requirements on the applications.

6. Duties and/or responsibilities are not limited to those mentioned above, but to meet the need of the position and Church body as a whole.

5. Criminal Background and Credit Check Form - Your signature authorizes the church to submit your information for a criminal background check as allowed by law. Applications not including this authorization will not be considered. Please disclose any matters that could be of concern for our consideration.

6. Completed Minister Responsibility Survey - Please respond to all sections. Applications that do not have complete responses will not be considered.
7. Completed Questionnaire - Please answer ALL of the questions listed on the questionnaire included with this packet. Applicants not completing all questions will not be considered.

8. A recent recorded sermon- Please send link to platform/website where the sermon is located.
9. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

You may email or mail the completed application to

Panorama Baptist Church
ATT: Search Committee – Panorama Baptist Church, 8767 Woodman Ave, Arleta, CA

OR e-mail to

Walter Clarke, 

We sincerely appreciate your genuine interest in serving God, the community, and the Panorama Baptist Church

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Senior Pastor - Panorama Baptist Church, Arleta, CA

Senior Pastor – Woodley Community Church

Senior Pastor – Woodley Community Church

Children and Youth (CY) Director – First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ


Children and Youth (CY) Director – First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ