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Rejoice in the Lord

Dear Partner in Mission,

The White Cross ministry binds us together by the ongoing work of Christ through your participation. Thank you for continuing to engage others in your region and for helping to grow White Cross giving.

In anticipation of what we pray God will do in the 2017–2018 ministry year, we share some stories below of lives that are touched through your generous involvement.

In the focus area of health:

The Democratic Republic of the Congo received $65,000 of medical supplies and handwork such as bandages, baby blankets and gowns, face masks, and surgeon caps. Your supplies will be distributed to ten different hospitals through the dedicated work of missionary Katherine Niles.

In South Africa, Doctors Anita and Rick Gutierrez carry on the work of diagnosis, treatment and early detection of HIV. For 15 years they have piloted the Health Builders initiative that also provides training to diagnose and manage preventable conditions such as high blood pressure and nutrition counseling to avert diabetes. By funding poultry-raising projects, they stimulate economic development and healthy food production in some of the most low-income urban slums and remote villages.


IM missionaries Terry and Tom Myers in Bulgaria and missionaries Thelma and Jonathan Nambu in the Philippines are able to provide compassionate care to those who are in human slavery or recovering from sex trafficking. White Cross hygiene kits and even a cup of coffee extend the love of Christ to them.

In India, your gifts purchased medical supplies and medications for 10 hospitals. In turn, these hospitals could set up medical clinics within the villages so people needing medical care can now avoid days of walking or riding to a hospital in the cities. You give them access to doctors and nurses through your White Cross gifts.

I John 3:18 – Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. God tells us to share our love in many ways. Giving to White Cross is “Love in action.”

White Cross received a total of $262,339.40 during the fiscal year Oct. 2015–Sept. 2016.
The ABCOFLASH suggested goal for 2017–2018 is $9,000.

For more information:



Specific opportunities:

  • Handwork for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Philippine Christian Centers
  • White Cross General giving
    $336,000 will provide health care supplies, health education and training and programs through International Ministries (IM) global servants and partners in many countries where most needed throughout the year.

There are suggestions in your packet for handwork projects and the total goal needed for each item. You can pick as many items as you want, as the ministry in the Congo needs and will use all that is sent to them. If you would like to contribute cash in place of making these items, please list your gift under “Democratic Republic of the Congo”.

$20,000 will enable the Antique Christian Center, Development Ministries, Veterans Village Family and Community Center and Convention of the Philippine Baptist Church to provide a safe haven and help for women and children affected by poverty. Your gifts contribute to before- and after-school programs for children, job training for their mothers and supplies for these programs.


How to Give:

There are two options you can use to make your gift:

Ø Send your check to

Attn: White Cross
PO Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851

Ø Give online

To learn more about how our missionaries and partners are using White Cross gifts, go IM’s website or the White Cross website

On these websites, you will find more White Cross projects and other International Ministries programs that may be of interest to you.

As we look into the future of White Cross, we anticipate a transition going into the year 2018–2019. White Cross is a historic milestone of ministry and the time for engaging more people in more ways has arrived. During this coming year, we will be in touch with you and invite suggestions and thoughts you may have in growing this ministry and reaching even further than we are able to do now. Email me with your comments at:

Thank you for being a part of our mission team. May God bless you as you continue to help make it possible for our global servants and partners to engage in life-changing ministries in more than 70 countries around the globe.

With joy and blessings, I am happy to assist with any questions! Email me at

Zofia Dripps Chris Marziale
Associate Executive Director Administrative Assistant for Mission Advancement for Donor Services