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March 3rd, 2018 08:30 am to 01:00 pm
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Doug Hubbard
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Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

1255 San Gabriel Blvd
Rosemead, CA, 91770

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A One Day Training for all Ministry Leaders 

8:30AM-9:00AM >>>>>>>>>> REGISTRATION
9:00AM-9:30AM >>>>>>>>>> OPENING SESSION
9:45AM -11:15AM >>>>>>>> WORKSHOP SESSION I
11:30AM -1:00PM >>>>>>>> WORKSHOP SESSION II
1:00PM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LUNCH 



• Club de Niños: Estrategia con Alcance Efectivo
Le explicaremos los pasos para empezar un club para niños, como llenar las necesidades de padres y niños a través del club, y como traer a las familias a una relación con Cristo.

Cristina Arce, Pastorea con su esposo la Iglesia Bautista Unida. Tienen dos hijos. Jonathan y Joanna. Licenciada en Educación y Master en Teología y Ministerio del Seminario Fuller. Directora del Ministerio de Niños de las Iglesias Latinas de ABCOFLASH.



Sanidad Interior: Equipándonos para Ayudar a Otros a Sanar  
La Iglesia tiene la función de ayudar a sanar las heridas del alma de las personas que llegan a nuestros templos. En esta experiencia exploraremos Historias Bíblicas  que nos retan a darle importancia a esta área del Discipulado muchas veces ignorada.
Deliris Carrion Joseph, Misionera (Tijuana, MX )

Rev. Deliris Carrion-Joseph, es Misionera de Ministerios Internacionales de las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas y de Puerto Rico. Ha sido Misionera en El Salvador, Haití y actualmente sirve en el Hogar de Refugio Débora en Tijuana, Mexico. Tiene una Licenciatura en Terapia Ocupacional y una Maestría en Divinidades del Seminario Andover Newton.

 • Bajo Construcción: La Importancia del Ministerio Relacional con la Juventud
Los jóvenes de hoy tienen muchas opciones. Tacos, In N Out y Starbucks's. ¿Rock en español o hip hop? Estas son muchas preguntas que nuestros jóvenes de hoy encuentran como jóvenes latinos que viven en Estados Unidos. En este taller vamos a ver la importancia de los valores familiares, cómo construir el puente para comprender a nuestros jóvenes y cómo la iglesia desempeña un papel vital en el amor a nuestra juventud. Juntos, veamos la Palabra de Dios sobre cómo crear, comprometernos y transformar a nuestra juventud en el nombre de Jesucristo
Nohan Cruz, Pastor de Jóvenes, Iglesia Bautista Horeb (Torrance, CA)Con más de 15 años como pastor de jóvenes, Nohán se ha dedicado a motivar, amar y discipular a los jóvenes en el amor a Jesucristo. Es el coordinador de Los Ángeles para las Especialidades 625, sirve como Chaplin para Fellowship Christian Athletes FCA Los Angeles y tiene un programa de radio semanal "Hablemos Juventud" en Dash Radio. Más que todo, su enfoque número uno es ser un esposo y padre de su dos hijos.


Liderazgo Efectivo
Melvin Acevedo, Pastor Principal, Ministerios Mundiales Ebenezer (Huntington Park, CA)

JumpStart Your Discipleship Process  
Come and discover JumpStart Mentoring.  Experience an effective tool for raising up soul winning disciple making disciples.  JumpStart is good for a sermon series.  Better for a small group, and best in a one on one discipleship relationship. 
Dr. Paul M. Reinhard, JumpStart Mentor Training
Paul pastored NorthPoint Christian Fellowship in San Bernardino for twenty-one years. Watching ungrounded people leave the church finally broke his heart.  In response Paul authored JumpStart Mentor Training.  His passion is helping churches begin small groups and mentoring ministries.      www.facebook.com/disciplemakingmentor


• Connecting Sunday Faith to Monday Work
How are we equipping and releasing our people to engage God's mission in all of life? Over 98 percent of all Christians work in occupations other than as a pastor or missionary.  Learn how people can bridge their faith from Sunday to Monday and follow Jesus in everyday life.
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Wu, Executive Pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

Pastor Jonathan has served at Evergreen-LA since 1994.  He is married to Caroline and they have four children.  He has a passion for mentoring young leaders and seeing the church identify and live out its unique calling and giftedness.


Rev. Chris Neal, Associate Director of the Center for Vocational Ministry, APU 
Chris Neal is director of the Youth Leadership Initiative within the Center for Vocational Ministry at Azusa Pacific University, a program designed to help high school students develop a deeper sense of calling.  Prior to his time at APU, he served for twelve years as the Youth & Family Ministry Pastor at NewSong Church. He is passionate to see the next generation catch the faith and the Church equipped for mission in all of life. Chris lives in the San Gabriel Valley with his wife and two daughters.


• How to Turn Great Ideas into Reality 

Have you ever dreamed to establish or start up a ministry but feel lack the organizational skills? This workshop is for those who have a heart for ministry but don’t know how to organize or manage daily ministry activities. It will equip you by focusing on managing the ministry activities in order to enhance the service level of the ministry. You will learn the project management methodology as well as how to apply those skills to the ministry.  Case studies also will be provided for group practice.
Emerson Wu, Global Servant to China
As an IM missionary, Emerson serve in China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan that he managed many projects and established many ministries.  Emerson was an Administrative Director at the Macau Bible Institute in 2014 to 2015 and currently is the Director of the Global Chinese Training Ministry since 2016.  Emerson is retired from the Ohio Department of Taxation where he worked as an Information Technology Manager and was the Bible Study leader and teacher with international students at Ohio State University for 7 years.

• Do I Really Need to Go to Sunday School 

The church’s mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ is to make disciples, “teaching them” (Matthew 28:20). Traditionally, Sunday School is the place where much of this teaching has occurred. However, recently some churches are experiencing declining attendance in Sunday School. Pastors, teachers—and even students!—may question the value of going to Sunday School. Does it really make a difference for children? Won’t teens be bored? Are adults too old to be interested in Sunday School?

These questions and more will be addressed in this informative workshop. Plus, you’ll learn easy-to-do suggestions on how to revitalize your Sunday School. And, learn how to increase your teen classes by inviting children who are living in foster care to church. This is a lively, hands-on session you won’t want to miss!

La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D., is President of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, Inc., a parachurch ministry that equips leaders in the local church. She is author of Teaching Like Jesus and Ensemos Como Jesus. She also serves as Vice President, Editorial at Urban Ministries, Inc., a Christian publishing company.

• Back to the Future: Reaching Millennials with Good News

When tried and true becomes old and tired, how can we successfully reach out in faith?

Rev. Dr. Christine Roush, Mission Engagement Specialist, American Baptist Home Missions Society
Chris Roush brings thirty years of experience working with people and churches to her role as a Mission Engagement Specialist with American Baptist Home Mission Societies. Past positions include Camping Ministries, Associate Executive Minister, Minister of Mission Support, and COO at Rainbow Acres. Chris is currently serving as interim Senior Pastor for Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Portland Oregon, a role that provides her with a unique, hands on perspective of ministering in today’s culture


• Creative Stewardship 

This workshop is not to gather and make crafts but a time to make yourselves aware of what God desires for us as "cheerful" givers.  The time will afford those who attend the ability to assess and use creativity to understand how to be masters of our resources to bless others through our service to them and to God.   

Rev. Melanie Mar Chow, Asian American Christian Fellowship

Rev. Melanie Mar Chow serves God through Asian American Christian Fellowship, the campus ministry division of the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS). She has been an ordained American Baptist minister since 2004. A Pacific Northwest native, she currently lives with her husband and daughter in Southern California.

• Embracing Different Cultures in Your Ministry 
The multicultural and ethnic churches  are the fastest growing churches in America. This workshop will deal with the seven core commitments for multicultural ministry, seven common challenges and how to overcome them
 Dr. Fernando Carvalho, Message of Peace Church (South San Francisco, CA)   


• How the Changes to Health Insurance and Tax Law Impacts Your Church 

Tax Reform has passed…what does this mean for your church?  Ministries that understand the law are saving 20-50% on their health insurance.  How?  Churches can now offer health insurance to their employees and help fund the costs through subsidies.  Other churches can offer Christian medishare programs that cost half the price of for profit health insurance programs.  Yes, things are getting better in the area of health insurance…attend this seminar and you’ll learn how.

Charlie Cutler, Managing Partner, ChurchWest Insurance Services Over the past 18 years, Charlie has shaped ChurchWest into a nationally recognized leader in the community that serves faith based organizations. His approach is simple…understand ministries, analyze the risk, provide all of the resources that we possibly can, prevent claims without preventing ministry, and find the best insurance value for the church. He uses his relationships with ministry leaders across California, Arizona and Nevada, to help ministries connect and share best practices.
Charlie has been named the “Agent of the Year” three times, for two different insurance companies. He serves on two national church insurance advisory boards, and serves the needs of 9 denominational offices.


• Equipping and Empowering Girls : Teenager to Young Adult 
We all know that girls and boys are different, and at times, have very different needs.  We also know that sometimes youth are less inclined to speak up in mixed crowds, and often hold back from sharing their true feelings around the other gender. Alongside traditional children’s and youth ministry programs, a ministry with girls is a way for girls to have the opportunity to deal with tough questions honestly and to build close relationships with each other. 
Deneen RayAB Girls National Coordinator

"No child will be left behind on my watch" reflects the commitment that Deneen Ray brings to her 29 (plus) years of experience in youth and young adult ministry. It is her heart's desire for every young person to have a growing relationship with Jesus. Currently the National and Regional Coordinator of AB GIRLS in American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest, and Hawaii (ABCOFLASH), Deneen has also served her region as a facilitator/leader/mentor for its discipleship/leadership training program. She has a B.A. in child development, a Masters of Divinity degree, and is pursuing a M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Trinity College & Theological Seminary.



Encienda su Proceso de Discipulado

Ven y descubre JumpStart Mentoring. Experimenta una herramienta efectiva para levantar a los discípulos que hacen discípulos para ganar almas. JumpStart es bueno para una serie de sermones. Mejor para un grupo pequeño, y lo mejor en una relación de discipulado uno a uno.

Dr. Paul M. Reinhard, JumpStart Mentor Training
Paul pastoreó NorthPoint Christian Fellowship en San Bernardino por 21 años.
El ver tanta gente sin conexión, dejar la iglesia le rompió el corazón. En respuesta, Paul es el autor de JumpStart Mentor Training. Su pasión es ayudar a las iglesias a comenzar pequeños grupos y a servir como mentores. Conozca mas en: www.facebook.com/disciplemakingmentor


Características del Verdadero Adorador!

Como una perspectiva Cristocentrica puede cambiar nuestra forma de adoración.
- Nueva Alianza: Una nueva forma de relación con Dios
- Cómo atender las expectativas de Dios acerca de su búsqueda por sus verdaderos adoradores.

Pastor André Paganelli, Autor, Escritor & Compositor
Andre Paganelli es un artista, comunicador, conferencista internacional y maestro reconocido en Brasil y EUA por combinar su testemunio de libertacion con el fluir de la musica instrumental que produce una poderosa experiencia en la presencia de Dios.
Paganelli es pastor ordenado, formado en teologia y un evangelista. Tambien es escritor y predicador del Evangelho. Ha sido nominado tres veces a los Latin Grammys y su atuacion como musico saxofonista lo ha concedido una Visa de Permanencia de lo gobierno americano por sus Habilidades Extraordinarias.
A causa de su pasión y compromiso para comunicar un mensaje de esperanza y libertad, Andre se ha convertido en uno de los musicos cristianos latinos mas estimado. Ha grabado 21 producciones en una exitosa carrera que abarca casi dos década.
Por tanto, al Rey de los siglos, inmortal, invisible, al único y sabio Dios, sea honor y gloria por los siglos de los siglos. Amén.
1 Timoteo 1:17

• Sexual Harassment: Myths & Facts – Let’s Talk About It 
Acoso Sexual: Mitos y Hechos: Hablemos de Ello (offered in English & Spanish)

During this workshop, we will dispel the myths regarding sexual harassment, and provide a more accurate definition. Also: what does it look and feel like, if we are the victim? If you are the accused or perpetrator?. It will address the root causes of sexual harassment from both the perpetrator’s as well as the victims perspectives.  Real case example will be presented. Lastly, suggestions about how the church can deal with this very important issue will be provided. 
There will be time provided at the end for questions, suggestions and feedback.

Durante este taller, despejaremos los mitos sobre el acoso sexual, y proveeremos una definición más correcta. También: ¿Qué es?, ¿Cómo se distingue o identifica? ¿Cómo se siente, si somos las víctimas? ¿O si somos los acusados o abusadores? Se discutirán las causas del acoso sexual desde el punto de vista de la víctima y del acusado.  Ejemplos reales serán utilizados para esta presentación. Finalmente, sugerencias sobre que debe de hacer la iglesia de Cristo para prevenir y manejar estas situaciones tan graves serán presentadas

Silvia HernándezLSCW, Clinical Director – The Valley Prevention and Treatment Center 
Silvia E. Hernandez-Paez received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California in 1989 and a license from the State of California in 1992.  Since the inception of her professional career, Mrs. Hernandez demonstrated a strong commitment to provide quality services to individuals and communities in need.  In the 1990’s, she became a strong spokesperson for Latinos, both locally and internationally during the HIV+ AIDS epidemic and pandemic.  Together with her husband, Dr. Vivino Páez, she has developed several outpatient mental health clinics in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. Currently, she is a professor in the Master’s Program at the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC).

Silvia E. Hernández-Paez recibió su título de Maestría en Trabajo Social de la Universidad del Sur de California en 1989 y una licencia del Estado de California en 1992. Desde el principio de su Carrera profesional, la Sra. Hernández demostró un compromiso fuerte de proveer servicios de calidad a individuos y comunidades en áreas de más necesidad. En los años 1990’s, se convirtió en una defensora de Latinos, local e internacionalmente, durante la epidemia y pandemia del VIH+SIDA.
Junto con su esposo, el Dr. Vivino Paez, ha desarrollado varias clínicas de salud mental en el valle de San Fernando y Los Ángeles.  Al presente, es Profesora en el programa de Maestría en La Universidad del Sur De California (USC)

• Biblical Worship: An Exploration of Worship in the Bible

This workshop will examine how the word "worship" (Hebrew - shachah, Greek - proskuneo and leitourgia) was used in Scripture and how it applies to planning worship services in Baptist churches. 

Dr. John E. Simons, Professor of Music, Azusa Pacific University, Pastor for Worship and the Arts, FBC Glendale
Dr. John E. Simons serves as the worship pastor at First Baptist Church of Glendale, and he also serves as professor of music and associate dean in the College of the Arts at Azusa Pacific University.  As well, Dr. Simons is the co-founder and coordinating editor of Celebrating Grace Hymnal and coordinates FBC Glendale's Worship Arts Series. Before coming to California in 2016, Dr. Simons served as the Chair of the Department of Ministry and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, created and served as editor of the academic journal Artistic Theologian, and coordinated the PhD in Worship, MA in Worship, and Master of Music in Church Music programs. Dr. Simons is married to flutist, Ellen Camille Simons, and together they have three grown children and one child about to enter the teen years. 

• Lessons from the Field

Churches thrive when they minister to the needs of their people and communities. Hear about ministry being done on the mission field and how we can apply those principles to our ministries.  What lessons that we can apply to our ministries and lives from our brothers and sisters in China, Turkey and Mexico? 

Workshop Facilitators: 
Rev. John and Mrs. Gloria Marshall - Parkside Church - Bakersfield;
Global Servants:
Emerson and Ivy Wu,
The Rev. Ivy and Emerson Wu serve as the directors of the Global Chinese Training Ministry. They work with overseas partners and IM personnel to identify strategic locations to provide discipleship and pastoral training. Building on their service experience in church and campus ministries in Ohio and at the Macau Bible Institute, Ivy and Emerson help Christian training centers and Bible schools to run assessments and improve their curricula, libraries and faculty development in Mainland China.  Ivy and Emerson are preparing to embark on a new assignment as the coordinators of Global Chinese Mission for International Ministries. This role will expand their service to Taiwan and Singapore, the Pacific Rim, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York. Their mission is to create a network platform to enhance strategic mission partnership.
Deliris Carrion Joseph, Mexico. 

Rev. Deliris Carrion-Joseph, es Misionera de Ministerios Internacionales de las Iglesias Bautistas Americanas y de Puerto Rico. Ha sido Misionera en El Salvador, Haití y actualmente sirve en el Hogar de Refugio Débora en Tijuana, Mexico. Tiene una Licenciatura en Terapia Ocupacional y una Maestría en Divinidades del Seminario Andover Newton.
Richard Freeman, Turkey;
Rich and Laura Freeman work with Turkish Evangelical pastors to help resource, strategize, and encourage new church planting within the country of Turkey.  They also work to help partner US churches with Turkish pastors for prayer, support, and nurture.  They Associate Missionaries with International Ministries.

• He Broke My Heart: Ministering to Women Betrayed by their Husbands
Meg Wilson has ministered to wives betrayed by their husband’s sexual brokenness. (Affairs, pornography and/or sexual addiction) the number of women suffering silently in the church continues to escalate. With 75% of divorces siting porn use as a contributing factor it’s   time to act. Don’t leave these modern widows without care or spiritual support.

Meg Wilson, Founder/CEO Hope After Betrayal Ministries
Meg Wilson has been married to her husband, Dave for over 35 years. They have two adult daughters, and a son-in-love. Since becoming a believer, Meg has gravitated towards women’s ministry. Her mission, however, was born of the pain of betrayal in her own life. Her passion is seeing women fully partake of God’s life changing love in the face of their deepest betrayal.


• Teaching Children to Love God’s Word

The Bible tells us to, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” (Proverbs 22:6). The heart of every parent, pastor, and teacher is that the children in their home and church would fall in love with Jesus and love reading the Bible! How else will children and youth avoid the traps of illicit sexual activity, drug experimentation and abuse, and other harmful behaviors? 

How do we encourage children and youth to enjoy reading the Bible? How do we teach valuable life-saving principles to our children? What’s the best method to teach them, and what’s the best Bible translation for kids? 

One thing is sure . . . wishing, hoping, and dreaming won’t make it happen! But there is something you can do. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to begin today to impart God’s living Word into the lives of young learners. And, you’ll be surprised also to learn the one principle that you’re already practicing that’s a guarantee! Come with your questions, and leave with answers.

Dr. La Verne Tolbert, Founder, Teaching Like Jesus Ministries
La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D., is Vice President, Editorial for Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI) where she writes and edits curriculum—preschool to adults—for more than 10,000 ecumenical congregations. She also develops teachers’ resources and manages editorial training.

• Fresh Expressions: New Communities with Those We Have Yet to Meet
Established churches were at one time new communities of faith.  To fulfill our calling as Church we need to keep creating and encouraging fresh expressions of Church.  We must embrace a blended economy of Church in order to extend the faith to those who have yet to experience it.  Where to start?  We will answer this question.

Craig S. Williams, DMin., MDiv., Mission Strategist and Western Regional Coordinator - Fresh Expressions U.S.; Pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church - (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Craig has worked in the arena of fresh expressions of church for over 25 years. He was the organizing pastor of Trabuco Presbyterian Church of the PCUSA and pastored that congregation in Southern California for 19 years. Since, Craig has served the PCUSA both regionally and nationally, having assessed hundreds of individuals who have expressed interest in new expressions of church. He continues to coach and mentor those engaged in starting new work. Currently he is the Pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Thousand Oaks, CA. “It’s time to assist an inherited congregation with embracing a mixed economy of Church for a changing context.”

• Effective Leadership

John Maxwell says that "everything rises and falls on leadership." Effective leaders influence and inspire others. This workshop will deal with ways that we can improve our leadership to be more effective.

Dr. Fernando Carvalho, Message of Peace Church(South San Francisco, CA)



•The Changing Face of Evangelism
The Changing Face of Evangelism is a workshop designed to stimulate honest dialogue around two hot topics that are driving the 21st century church, culture and tradition.  The workshop derived from an evangelistic effort of sharing the love of Jesus while walking with my wife from Desert Hot Springs to Sacramento California with a nine foot cross.  One of the glaring truths we learned on this journey is   culture and tradition determines everything from worship to the way people are evangelized. 

The first part of the workshop covers how unconditional love shifts the evangelistic experience.  It teaches that as ‘Fishers of men”, we must learn to use the appropriate bait.

If you’re interested in examining the culture and tradition of your church, come join the conversation as we learn about equipping ourselves for the new face of evangelism. 

Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux, First Community Baptist Church (Desert Hot Springs, CA)
Rev Dr. Tahlib McMicheaux has worked in ministry for over 30 years, helping disenfranchised communities and bringing hope to the hopeless.  Dr McMicheaux’s workshops on evangelism are a fresh and spirit led time aimed at challenging believers to look at new methods of how to reach their communities by being sensitive to their needs. 

• Fanning the Flames – Growing In Your Passion for Mission and Ministry

Rev. Dr. Christine Roush, Mission Engagement Specialist – American Baptist Home Mission Society
Chris Roush brings thirty years of experience working with people and churches to her role as a Mission Engagement Specialist with American Baptist Home Mission Societies. Past positions include Camping Ministries, Associate Executive Minister, Minister of Mission Support, and COO at Rainbow Acres. Chris is currently serving as interim Senior Pastor for Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Portland Oregon, a role that provides her with a unique, hands on perspective of ministering in today’s culture


• Essential Elements for Effective Discipleship in Your Family, Church and Community.

The Ginn’s will reveal the element of ‘goodwill’! The word of God    shows practical principles needed  for effective discipleship. They will show important ingredient of ‘goodwill’ from scripture that gives us a practical understanding of discipleship. These ingredients will strengthen your family, church and community. 

Rev. Larry Ginn and Denise Ginn, Counselors/Life Coaches
Rev. Larry and Denise Ginn are the owners of ACI (Alpha Covenant, Inc.) a family counseling center. ACI is known for individual and group counseling, CEU (continue education units) training, workshops, as well as couple accountability.  
Rev. Larry and Denise have been trained in a variety of parenting and marriage curriculums.  Larry and Denise are trained in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Denise received her credential in Family Development. Rev. Ginn is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, with a M.A. in Clinical Psychology; MFT (Marriage & Family Therapy), VRM (Victim Relief Ministries) where he is certified as a national Grief, Trauma & Crisis Counselor.  He served as a Chaplin for the City of Long Beach fire department. Rev. Ginn’s clinical practice is based on mental health through spiritual integration 
Rev. Ginn is co-creator of “Power Parenting Today”, a biblical based parenting curriculum; co-creator of “The Romance Game” with his wife Denise. Rev. Ginn developed a modality entitled, C.P.R. (Covenant Producing Relationships) from over the past twenty years of counseling. C.P.R. is “Life Changing Techniques To Grow A Relationship” and “Life saving Techniques To Save A Relationship.” The curriculum C.P.R. was released October, 2014 at Abundant Life Church in South East New Jersey.


• CORE Competencies of a SOLID Youth Ministry

This is no time for passive youth ministry – Kids’ lives are at stake! Learn the core competencies, and map out the practical steps for moving your ministry from good to great! Build your team, become a more relational youth ministry than you’ve ever been, and raise up student leaders who will reach their friends and serve beyond the four walls of the church.

Andrew Ruiz | Pomona, CA, Fe y Esperanza / Faith & Hope Ministries / Youth Pastor
Andrew has served as a Youth Pastor at Faith & Hope Ministries (Fe y Esperanza) in Bellflower, CA for over 9 years now, and is a Certified Urban Youth Worker through UYWI's 90 Degrees Certification Program. Andrew strives to give back and see the heart of students transformed by the Gospel. Andrew and Marlene, his wife of 8 years, have an amazing 2 year old girl named Reagan LeeAnn Ruiz

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