Statement of Faith

This Statement of Faith was affirmed by the Board of Directors of ABCLA in consultation with its constituent congregations. This faith statement reaffirms the salient features of the historic Christian church creeds that have been in existence since the birth of the Church.

We Believe…

In one sovereign God, eternally existing in three persons; God the Father, the Creator; Jesus Christ, the Son; and The Holy Spirit that gives new life to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In the Holy Scriptures; the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament were inspired by the Spirit of God as fully trustworthy and final authority in matters of faith and practice.

In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ; His virgin birth, His righteous life, and His vicarious and atoning death on the cross for our sins of humanity.

In the Bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and His ascension to the right hand of the Father; there for us as Lord of all, High Priest and Advocate.

That salvation is for all, and regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

In one Holy Universal Church; Body of Believing Disciples, “The Body of Christ,” composed of worshipping communities of Jesus Christ with a mission to proclaim the Gospel in word, in deed, and care for all God’s creation.

In the blessed hope that Jesus Christ will return in God’s time, personally, visible, in power and glory to gather His righteous children and judge the unrighteous persons and nations to bring His Kingdom to fulfillment.

Our Mission

Plant and develop healthy congregations that manifest the glory of God in worship and proclaim the Kingdom of God on earth.

Conduct Christian educational and conferencing ministries to impact the citizenry of our community with the teachings and values of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Proclaim the Word of God and its mission within the unbelieving, unchurched and oppressed segments of our city and the global community.

Do you have questions about the listing of Covenanting Member Churches? Below you will find the history of the process of the two Region bodies (ABC of Los Angeles and the former ABC of the Pacific Southwest) becoming ONE REGION now known as the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest and Hawaii.


What are the benefits of signing the Covenant?

♦ Re-Covenanting with the American Baptist and listed as a member church
♦ What happens if we DON’T sign the Covenant?
♦ Your church will be listed in the American Baptist Churches in Changed Relationship report, removing it from the ABC family. (Includes ABCUSA and MMBB)
♦ Your pastor will be designated as one who is NOT presently serving an American Baptist Church.

Please feel free to contact the Office of the Executive Minister at 818.839.6069 for further information. Thank you!


During the Annual Meeting in October 2013, the Board of Directors introduced the concept to increase the number of churches that can be invited to become part of a new expanded regional resource support network. Part of the reason for that initiative was in response to the desire of ABCOSH churches to strengthen their relationships with ABCUSA through affiliation with ABCLA. During the process of ongoing prayer and discussions, it became clear that a comprehensive revision of the current regional structure and operating policies is advisable, in order to facilitate creation of an enhanced organization that would provide the opportunity for growth, creativity, flexibility and innovation. The intent was to consider a new name and logo which would encompass and include the variety of expressions of ministry without changing the Mission which we have pursued since we began as the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society in 1906.

At the business session of the annual meeting held in October, 2014, the full constituency voted on the new bylaws, constitution and name for the Region. Covenanting Churches were asked to sign the Covenant and cast their vote at this historical meeting. The resolution was passed unanimously.


The Bylaws and Constitution of the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest and Hawaii (ABCOFLASH) were approved unanimously. Covenants were signed by churches desiring to be part of the Region. These churches are now considered “Covenanting Member Churches of the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest and Hawaii.” If you don’t see your church listed and have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Executive Minister at 818.839.6069.